The Inevitable Evolution of Real-Estate Brokerage

Let's be crystal clear: FIXE.IMMO is not a real-estate agency. FIXE.IMMO is a next-generation premium real-estate marketing network designed to promote our rock-star member brokers in their communities, showcase their property listings with slick 3D virtual tour technology, and provide brokers the services they need to be the best in the business.

What does that mean for you?

It means FIXE.IMMO member real-estate brokers are simply better equipped to focus on what matters most:

Providing you, without compromise, the best real-estate brokerage experience at the best price on the market. 

New Rules That Keep More Money in Your Pocket

Go Ahead and Follow Us!

Rule #1: No more percentage!

Unsustainable. Unjustifiable. Unreasonable. Does the current cost of a real-estate broker give you throbbing heartburn? You're not the only one! That's why our member brokers have decided to offer you their services at an unbeatable fixed price!

Rule #2: No more speculation!

We all want to pay less for brokerage services, right? Well, to do that, we all have to stop betting the broker's money! So, in exchange for huge savings, our member brokers will ask you to cover their listing costs up front, just like you would selling your home on DuProprio.

Rule #3: No more double-dipping!

Unlike most traditional brokers, without any fuss or negotiation, our member brokers agree from the get-go to not charge you the collaborating broker's fees over and above their own fees should your buyer not be accompanied by a broker.*

*Certain restrictions apply. Ask your broker for more details.

Full-Service Real-Estate Brokerage. No Compromises.

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Approx. home value Due at listing* Due at closing* Total
200 000$ or less 1 500$ 1 500$ 3 000$
200 000$ to 300 000$ 1 500$ 2 500$ 4 000$
300 000$ to 400 000$ 1 500$ 3 500$ 5 000$
400 000$ to 500 000$ 1 500$ 4 500$ 6 000$
500 000$ to 750 000$ 1 500$ 6 500$ 8 000$
750 000$ to 1 000 000$ 1 500$ 8 500$ 10 000$
1 000 000$ and up 1 500$ 13 500$ 15 000$
*Plus applicable taxes
Listing expenses payable via PayPal or major credit card.

Included services:

Licensed real-estate broker
Unlimited Centris listing
3D virtual tour
Professional photography
Detailed floor plans
Promotion on social media
Sale price estimate
Document preparation
Showing the property
Transaction negotiation
Inspection accompaniment
Notary accompaniment
Post-sale service

The extras:

Targeted social media ads
Home staging
Open-house hosting
Property evaluation
Certification of location

What About the Buyer's Broker?

Sellers & buyers, you have a choice to make.

Sellers, with FIXE.IMMO brokers, it's up to you to decide how much you want to offer the buyer's broker. You can offer percentage. You can offer a flat rate. It'll be our member brokers' pleasure to help you make the right decision for your property.

Yes, it's an added cost for you as the seller if the buyer is accompanied by a broker, but let's put all the chances of a successful sale on your side by respecting the value of the collaborating broker's contribution to the transaction.

Our Current Service Area

Is your home outside our current service area? Contact us anyway! Maybe we can help.

List Your Property with a FIXE.IMMO Member Broker!

Does saving a ton of money with a fixed-rate real-estate broker sound interesting? You've come to the right place! Just send us your request, and we'll forward it to a FIXE.IMMO member broker in your area.

We're in launch phase right now, and we're actively recruiting more member brokers across Quebec to serve you. The number of available listings is rather limited at the moment, but with your support for our concept, we'll change the face of real-estate brokerage in Quebec forever.

That's the power you have! Thank you for your support.

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