How to sell a home with a FIXE.IMMO member broker

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Step 1: Start the process quickly and easily

On the main page FIXE.IMMO, you’ll discover how to sell a home with a FIXE.IMMO member real estate broker. Just click on “Get Started”. You will then be asked to provide us with some basic information about your property.

FIXE.IMMO advantage #1: easy broker selection. Our broker profile page allows you to get a feel for the FIXE.IMMO member brokers serving your area, and decide which one you think would be a good match for you.

Once you’ve selected a broker, they will be notified automatically to contact you and arrange a first on-site appointment.

Do you already know which FIXE.IMMO member broker you want to work with? Go to their page and contact them directly!

Step 2: First meeting with your broker

During the first meeting, your FIXE.IMMO member broker will need to do a complete tour of your home, inside and out, where they will be asking you a number of questions about the property. Remember, they will be showing your home to potential buyers and answering their questions precisely. Your broker needs to know everything there is to know about it.

Your FIXE.IMMO member broker will then of course explain the entire transaction process, from listing to notary, direct you on how to prepare your home for showing, and answer any questions you might have.

Step 3: Formal agreements

If you feel you are good fit for each other and you agree to work together to sell your property, your broker will ask you to provide them with a number of legally required documents such as your act of sale, mortgage information, municipal taxes, utility bills, proof of repairs, certificate of location, etc.

Once your FIXE.IMMO member broker has all the documents they need, they will prepare two official OACIQ documents:

  1. Seller’s Declaration
  2. Brokerage Contract

The Seller’s Declaration is a rather lengthy but legally required questionnaire about your property that you, as the owner, will have to answer to the best of your knowledge and sign.

Here is an example of the sellers declaration.

The Brokerage Contract is an official OACIQ-required document that outlines the terms of service with your broker, including their brokerage fees, the duration of the listing, and the target sale price of your property.

Here is an example of an official brokerage contract.

When it comes to the duration (term) of your brokerage contract with your FIXE.IMMO member broker, don’t hesitate to agree to a longer time period, even a full year. You can cancel a brokerage contract at any time. You can modify your asking price. You can put your listing on hold and start it back up again. No extra costs.

It actually makes more sense to sign a longer contract under the FIXE.IMMO system. Remember, you aren’t just wasting a broker’s time and money to “test” the market. You actually paid to put your property on the market! You’re listed on Centris/MLS, you’re listed on FIXE.IMMO, you’ve got a fully-licensed broker working hard to get the deal done, and you’ve got the best looking property listing money can buy. What else could another broker offer that’s better than that?

FIXE.IMMO advantage #2: fixed-rate brokerage fees. Where traditional brokers will charge a percentage of the sale price (typically 5%), FIXE.IMMO member brokers will instead charge a flat brokerage fee that can be thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars less once the property is sold.

Check out the savings calculator! You’ll see just how much you’ll save, even with the combined cost of the brokerage fee and property promotion fee.

Step 4: Get your property ready for listing

While your FIXE.IMMO member broker is collecting and preparing all the necessary documents, this will be a good time for you to prepare your home to be shown to potential buyers. Your broker will give you tips on how to make each room “listing and picture ready”. You’re going to want to minimize clutter, tidy up, hide your valuables, and arrange furniture and use decorations to show each room in the best way possible.

FIXE.IMMO advantage #3: stunning visual presentations. We don’t take wide-angle trick photography to make your little powder room look bigger than a studio apartment.

We “scan” all our properties using state-of-the-art 3D virtual tour technology. A FIXE.IMMO scanographer will arrange a convenient time with you and your broker to scan your entire home. The process is simple and typically takes about an hour or so. This technology allows us to create an immersive virtual tour of the inside of your home (just like Google StreetView), and a detailed floor plan with room measurements, not just a boring series of images.

Step 5: Ready to launch!

Once all the required documents are signed and your property listing is ready, FIXE.IMMO will send you payment request by email with a link you can follow to pay FIXE.IMMO property marketing fee by major credit card or Interac e-transfer.

Step 5: Promoting your property

FIXE.IMMO advantage #4: international-scale visibility with a receptive audience. You might be tempted to think that listing your property on social media or on “hundreds of real estate websites” (as some brokers claim they do) will help find a buyer for your property. It won’t. Why? Because serious buyers in the market are not wandering aimlessly all over the internet looking for a property for sale. They are searching using precise criteria on the MLS network, and/or on FSBO (for-sale-by-owner) real estate platforms.

FIXE.IMMO pro tip: if your broker tells you they listed your property on social media and “hundreds” of other sites, ask them to see the Google Analytics traffic report of your property’s listing page on their website. If they agree to show you that information, take a look at where 90+% of the visitors to your property’s page came in from. It won’t be Facebook or some site you’ve never heard of. It’ll be an MLS network site, guaranteed.

In short, the only visibility your property needs to find a buyer is Centris/MLS. With it’s millions of monthly visitors, the Centris/MLS network is unmatched in its ability to connect buyers and sellers, whether locally or internationally. If your property is priced correctly and matches buyers’ criteria, you will find your buyer via Centris/MLS.

Step 7: Offers and negotiations

If a buyer is interested in your property, they can contact your FIXE.IMMO member broker directly, they can ask another FIXE.IMMO member broker to represent them, or they can ask any other licensed broker in Quebec to represent them.

Interested buyers, whether directly through the listing broker, or though another broker, are required to present an offer to the seller in an official OACIQ document called a promise to purchase. This is a legal contract that outlines the price and the conditions of the promise to purchase. Some conditions might include an inspection by a qualified professional, bank financing, or a particular closing date (i.e. the date the new owners will take possession).

Negotiating the sale price, purchase conditions, and other such details are your FIXE.IMMO member broker’s responsibility. You will decide together what strategy you want to use, and how on what terms you’re willing to negotiate. If you’re not sure how the offer, counter-offer process works, your FIXE.IMMO member broker will be glad to walk you through it in detail.

Here are some more details on the three ways a buyer can approach you with an offer.

(1) A buyer can be represented by a traditional (non-FIXE.IMMO) broker.

The buyer’s broker will get an equal share (50-50) of the fixed-rate commission listed on the brokerage contract with your FIXE.IMMO member broker. A buyer’s broker might find this compensation less than what they are used to (especially if they work in the traditional brokerage model), but it’s a fair and equal split. If the buyer feels like their broker deserves additional compensation over and above their share of the fixed-rate brokerage fee, they can top up their broker’s out of their own pocket using this document to make it official.

(2) A buyer can deal directly with your FIXE.IMMO member broker

Both you and the buyer might feel strange about this option as it is seemingly a conflict of interest, but don’t worry, it really isn’t, especially on FIXE.IMMO’s fixed-rate brokerage fee system. About 30% of property transactions on Centris/MLS (more than 25,000 per year) happen with only one broker on the deal, so it’s not as unusual as one might think, even with traditional percentage-of-sale-price brokers.

If the buyer decides to deal directly with your FIXE.IMMO member broker, your broker is legally obligated by their professional code of conduct to treat the buyer fairly and equitably throughout the transaction process. Your broker must inform and advise the buyer objectively, provide them with accurate information, and inform them of any adverse factors affecting the property or it’s potential sale price. Your broker must also provide buyers with objective recommendations and complete all required forms for them according to their wishes and present them to you immediately. (Read more about this here)

Obviously, the seller’s broker must protect and promote the interests of the seller. This means that listing brokers cannot disclose certain strategic information to the buyer, such as the minimum price you would accept, or how quickly you need a transaction to happen. (Read more about this here). Your broker is required to present every offer they receive, whether directly from buyers or from other brokers, in a timely and objective fashion.

Buying directly through the listing broker is extremely common, and is likely to continue growing in popularity to reduce costs.

(3) A buyer can be represented by another FIXE.IMMO member broker.

The easiest way for buyers to get the representation they want or need while avoiding any issues with brokers refusing or discouraging buyers from visiting or putting in offers on FIXE.IMMO member broker property listings is them to engage the services of another FIXE.IMMO member broker.

FIXE.IMMO advantage #5: no-nonsense buy-side representation. Our member brokers are more than happy to work on a fixed rate system and would be more than happy to help a buyer through the process. Buyers can find a FIXE.IMMO member broker directly on your property’s FIXE.IMMO listing page.

Step 8: The finish line, signing at the notary.

Once the terms of the promise to purchase have been accepted and all purchase conditions have been met, the final step is to conclude the transaction at the notary. All property transfers in Quebec are handled by a notary, who ensures that all titles, rights and mortgages, liens, land dimensions and other factors are in order. The notary will also draft the act of sale that once signed, makes the sale of the property official. The notary will then register the transaction with the land registry office (Registre foncier) and once that is completed, release the funds to the seller.

Don’t worry. Once again, your FIXE.IMMO member broker will be there to assist and make sure everything is order with transaction.

Our mission: make a real estate transaction more efficient, less stressful and less expensive.

FIXE.IMMO mission and purpose is to find ways to modernize and improve the real estate brokerage business model. From lower costs, to efficient technology, we want to make brokers lives better so they can better meet your needs and make the whole process a little less aggravating and stressful.

Do you have a suggestion for us? Have you thought of a way we can make this even better. We want to know! Let us know here.

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