Are you fed up the real estate industry's age-old business model?


The future of real estate brokerage doesn't include fees, royalties or expenses.

Welcome to FIXE.IMMO!


With its inspired and forward-thinking vision of brokerage, FIXE.IMMO is a unique
real estate marketing technology platform that supplies its member-brokers
with an unbeatable value proposition, a highly profitable commission structure,
and a fully-compliant operational framework,
all provided for zero agency fees, zero royalties,
and at zero expense.


For our member-brokers

Our member-brokers enjoy the benefits of a highly profitable and attractive commission structure, a unique and advantageous value proposition for their clients as well as all the services and tools they need to serve their clients and earn a great living without any financial risk.

For home-sellers

Selling a home with a full service real estate broker doesn't have to cost you 4% or 5% of the sale price any longer. Thanks to FIXE.IMMO's innovative fee structure, home sellers save thousands of dollars compared to "standard" brokerage fees while enjoying all the benefits of working with a licensed real estate broker.

Listen what your colleagues have to say.

Sylvie Picard

Listen to Sylvie explain why she chose to become a FIXE.IMMO member real estate broker and how happy her clients are to do business with her.


Marie Andrée Dupras

Listen to Marie Andrée explain her frustrations with the traditional brokerage model and how the FIXE.IMMO has become the best solution available to brokers.


Videos are in French. English sub-titles coming soon.

FIXE.IMMO provides EVERYTHING you need to succeed!

  • Your own territory

    Choose your territory and all incoming leads from that area are yours. We also restrict the number of brokers serving a territory to not exceed demand. 

    No more internal competition!

  • Promotional services

    We will run online and offline promotional campaigns in your territory (and elsewhere) to support and enhance your own efforts to promote yourself and the FIXE.IMMO brand. 

    No more cold-calling expired listings!

  • All your assets and tools

    Optimized website, business email and online cloud storage, business cards, signage (we even plant your signs), efficient data gathering and customer management tools -- everything you need to succeed.

    No more managing all those third-party suppliers!

Sounds good?

If you think FIXE.IMMO might be a good fit for you, fill out the form below and let's meet!

  • 3D virtual reality tours & photos

    Matterport-powered virtual reality tours, high-definition photography and automatically-generated floor plans. Think Google Maps, but inside the house, INCLUDED for all your property listings.

    No more sacrificing technology for the sake of cost.

  • Administrative support

    We provide all the administrative support you need to be efficient with your time, including entering data into SALS (saisie à la source), reporting and title searches.

    No more lost hours doing menial data-entry and paper-pushing.

  • Compliance assured

    We provide our custom built integrated electronic document management (GED) so that you can operate in full compliance as an affiliated broker of a FIXE.IMMO member agency.

    No more reliance on the big banner agencies!

  • A value proposition that customers actually want

    We arm you with an unbeatable value proposition that always wins the listing. Not only will you crush the competition but you will no longer have to defend your fees. Your customers will be thrilled, they will happily refer your clients, and your property inventory will go through the roof.

    No more offering the same service at the same price as 14,000 other brokers.

  • NO COST to you.

    No monthly fees, no agency fees, no fees to FIXE.IMMO of any kind. We don't even ask you for your credit card number or a void check!

    No more taking personal financial risks to do your job.

"By joining FIXE.IMMO, the only real estate platform to provide us with the full range of services and tools we need, we will capture the market with our pioneering fee-based brokerage formula that customers have been raving about for two years already."

- Marie Andrée Dupras, Chartered Real Estate Broker, A.E.O 

What does this all mean?


Say hello to....

  • No expenses, no fees, no royalties ⇒  No financial risk for you any longer.
  • Having a real, tangible, powerful value proposition that will let you stand out against your competition.
  • Getting everything you need, at no cost to you.
  • Keep every penny of your brokerage fees for yourself
  • Always winning the listing
  • Lots and lots of referrals
  • Talking about your broker services and enjoying people's positive change in body language.
  • Just being able to provide good service and not worry about a hundred other things outside of brokerage
  • Actually working in an environment of colleagues, not competitors
  • Having administrative support, technical support, marketing support at your disposal, at no cost
  • Design and technology experts designing your site, optimizing your site
  • Professional scanographers creating state-of-the-art virtual reality tours of your properties, at no cost to you.
  • Marketing strategists working with you to grow your business
  • Incoming leads... as many as we can give you and as many as you can handle
  • Sleeping well for a change

Say bye-bye to....

  • Kicking up a percentage to your agency
  • Cash flow problems
  • Agency fees, monthly fees, photocopy fees, everything fees
  • Wondering "how am I going to pay for this?". You probably aren't paying for it anymore.
  • Having no tangible differentiation between you and your competition
  • Courses and training programs that promise you instant success once you take a $500 course
  • Wondering what course you are going to take next to give yourself a competitive edge.
  • Competing with other brokers in your own agency (we assign territories)
  • Having to market yourself 3 days out of your week
  • Chasing new clients from expired listings
  • Clients haggling with you about percentage
  • Spending money (or feeling like you should be spending money) on a website, online technology, email, newsletters, SEO, Facebook or whatever -- while not knowing enough about it to be confident you aren't wasting your money.
  • Every single person or company calling and writing trying to sell you websites, email, newsletters, SEO, Facebook, whatever - you can tell them to stop now
  • The feeling that you should be doing websites, emails, newsletters, SEO, Facebook, whatever, but you don't have time to research, you don't understand it, you worry your going to waste your money.
  • Entering data and documents endlessly into SALS
  • Arranging professional photography
  • Planting your own signs (try that in the winter, with business attire).
  • Stress

Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly is FIXE.IMMO? Is it an agency?

FIXE.IMMO is not an agency -- it's a platform that brokers and agencies can join. Think of it as both a home and a full-service provider for fixed-rate brokers. Our model enables fixed rate brokers to run a thriving business while home sellers save thousands of dollars.


What is the business relationship between a member real estate agency and FIXE.IMMO?

FIXE.IMMO is a supplier of services, tools and consulting in technology, marketing and operations management.

All member real estate agencies are distinct entities which fulfill their regulatory functions and engage in commercial activities completely independently from FIXE.IMMO. FIXE.IMMO provides its property seller customers with comprehensive property marketing services for a set fee, while its member brokers provide these same customers with professional compliant real estate brokerage services for their own separate fee under their own conditions.

In many ways, a franchise-type real estate agency (RE/MAX, Royal Lepage, Sutton) is structured in a similar way. A local franchisee is operating as an independent company, but using the franchiser's infrastructure and branding. However, we happen to think FIXE.IMMO offers tons more value than any of these companies.


What is the complete list of included services you provide at no cost to your member brokers?

  • Centralized promotional efforts and advertising
  • Professional personal photography - head shots, outdoor shots, for promotion purposes
  • Professional home photography and scanning - Real 3D virtual reality tours and floor plans are generated for every property.
  • Managed technology - email, file storage, electronic document management
  • Managed web presence (site creation, maintenance, optimization)
  • Administrative support (entry of data into SALS, aiding document management, etc.)
  • Business cards
  • Signs (we even install them for you)
  • Transition support
  • All the above at zero cost to the broker.


Home sellers are charged a $1295 listing fee on FIXE.IMMO? Do they pay that?

They have been paying that, happily, for over two years. They pay it because they save thousands of dollars at closing. The reason a percentage-of-sale broker has never been able to command a listing fee is because home sellers consider their percentage fees more than adequate compensation for their services.


Are brokers already doing this?

Yes. We have some interviews you can watch where they talk about their experience.

Check out Sylvie Picard's testimonial here.

Check out Marie Andrée's testimonial here.

(These interviews are in French, but hey...we're in Quebec.)


What happens with my current listings?

You don't lose your current listings just because you changed agencies. Your contracts remain in effect and get transferred to your new agency, either on the same terms or new terms agreed to with your client. You don't even have to redraw the contract or seller's declaration, everything stays the same.


How do my current listings transition to my new FIXE.IMMO member agency?

There is a simple letter (which we will help you draw up) you present to your clients that gives them three options: (a) follow you to FIXE.IMMO, (b) stay with your previous agency and get assigned a different broker, or (c) cancel the contract altogether. In our experience, when clients hear about the concept, they are enthusiastic to transfer their listing to FIXE.IMMO.


What happens if I want to join FIXE.IMMO but my client doesn't want to sign up with FIXE.IMMO?

They can keep their original contract at the percentage of sale price (4% or 5%, for example). Your client, however, won't get a virtual tour or floor plans of their property. The law allows them to either stay with the same agency or cancel the brokerage contract altogether. There is nothing you can do about this, it's the client's choice. That said, we've never seen it happen - so far, they have always switched to the FIXE.IMMO structure.


My client wants to transfer to FIXE.IMMO... what happens next?

You just need to complete a brokerage contract modification form with the new remuneration terms. You and your client can then schedule a scan of the property for the virtual tour and your client can pay the property marketing fee just as if they were a new client.


Can I take a residential listing on percentage?

Our platform is for fixed rate brokers. That said, by law, you are allowed to charge whatever you want as a broker as long as your client agrees to whatever terms you set. In all cases, the listing fee must be paid upfront.


Can I take commercial property listing?

Yes, but our fixed rate fees apply only to residential.


Can I be a collaborating broker on a transaction that isn't from FIXE.IMMO?

Yes, of course you can.


How do I get compensated as a collaborating broker? Can I get paid percentage or only fixed?

Same as always. You get paid whatever is listed in the listing contract as the collaborating broker compensation. If you're collaborator on a transaction that listed 2.5% for the collaborator, you will be paid 2.5%.


How much of the brokerage fees do I get to keep?

All of it. Every dollar. All yours regardless of the amount. Your agency might charge you a nominal fee per transaction, usually $100 and never more, but FIXE.IMMO will never charge you a dime.


FIXE.IMMO brokerage fees are a lot less that the 5% I charge today, aren't they?

You better believe it. Customers love it. Last time we checked, no one likes to pay 5%, right?
We understand why you have to charge that -- you have expenses. But why have them? Our member-brokers don't have any.
When you look at everything and consider the costs incurred in order to earn that money, you can actually earn more on our platform.


I currently work for an agency. Can I join FIXE.IMMO and stay with my agency?

If your agency executive officer gives you permission to do so and financially it makes sense, then sure. It'll be up to you to decide if you're getting any value from the fees you pay that agency as you move forward.

If your agency refuses, which they probably will, then you can either work independently (so long as you have necessary qualifications from OACIQ) or you can join a FIXE.IMMO member agency.

If you transfer, you'll have to pay the OACIQ and APCIQ agency transfer fees of $72 and $125 respectively.


I am an agency owner. Can I join FIXE.IMMO?

Yes. You can sign up as a member-agency and enjoy all the benefits FIXE.IMMO offers, for you and your entire team. There are NO costs to your agency or your team. Wouldn't it be nice to not worry about anything for a change?


I am not part of an agency. I work independently. Can I join FIXE.IMMO?

Sure. It'll be up to you to handle all your registries, paperwork and whatnot, but there is no problem. You can work as a FIXE.IMMO member broker independently.


How do territories work?

You choose your territory but you have to be able to reliably and adequately serve your territory. That means you can't get "Montreal" as as territory but you can get Ahuntsic-Cartierville, for example. All incoming leads from that territory are yours and will be yours as long as you can handle the demand. .


Do I have to market myself or can I sit back and wait for FIXE.IMMO to make my phone ring?

Our platform is not an "auto-pilot". We support your marketing efforts with strong marketing strategy, broad promotional and local marketing efforts. Our desire is to keep you as busy as we can with incoming leads. That said, you also should undertake marketing efforts in your territory. Our marketing strategists are pleased to support you and help you in this effort. Any broker who does not demonstrate a desire to grow their own business will not be a good fit for FIXE.IMMO and we would then take steps or even end the partnership.


Will you give me business cards?

Yes. Zero cost to you. As many as you want.


Will you give me signs?

Yes. Zero cost to you. As many as you need.


Will you make a website for me?

Yes. Zero cost to you.


Do I have to learn how to manage it, fix it, back it up , search optimize it?

No, why the heck would you do that? That's not the best use of your time. You go sell houses and let our tech people handle this for you. They love this stuff... and they are really good at it.


Can I tell all these IT and marketing people who constantly solicit me, to stop calling?

Yes, please do. Reclaim your sanity. Or send them our way and we'll tell them to go sell somewhere else.


Do you use Propsects or EZMax? What GED do you use?

We use our own proprietary system that our awesome and geeky internal team custom-built. It's designed to provide you with maximum efficiency so you can handle more listings.


What about my emails? Contacts?

You emails and contacts can be imported in our system.


I have my own website. Can I still use it?

You can keep it active and we will redirect it to your personal FIXE.IMMO webpage. You can keep your domain name (e.g. joebroker.com) but you can cancel your web service contract with those cookie-cutter site providers.


I have my own email address. Can I still use it?

You can keep it active and use it in conjunction with your FIXE.IMMO address. Your FIXE.IMMO address is the one we will be using for promotion.


What about my emails?

They can be imported into our email system. Or, keep them where they are and start fresh on your new email address.


I have another question....

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